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Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Diegodiego's Comeback, Count on Joy Unlimited

     There are a handful of actors and singers who are true warriors, artists
who stand the test of time and battle until their hand is raised in
victory. Diegodiego is one of the toughest, hardest working and MOST
DETERMINED entertainer the industry has ever known.

Like all the world's most powerful. Diegodiego doesn't give up. The star
has been working for television and film with most of the top selling
names in show biz. Even having much success with  the number one
song of the summer "EARTHQUAKE OF LOVE."

Diegodiego has a steel willpower and fanatical dedication to beat
others. The Mayan singer has the drive and work ethic to do anything and he is back with a new single 'JOY UNLIMITED"

Expect the  waves to transport you into a new musical experience. Nothing but the very best from Diegodiego as he shares with the
world "Joy Unlimited." now available to listen and download on

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